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We are 'The Common Ground Band' from Houston, TX.  We play country (covers and originals), classic rock, blues, R&B, etc...  Some have asked why we call ourselves 'The Common Ground'... well, its all about a group of good friends with the common goal of writing and playing music together.  We all share a COMMON GROUND!  

The Common Ground Band was first started in October 2015 and we haven't slowed down yet!  


Check out our debut album "Closing Time on Miguel" available on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon!

The Common Ground Band is:

Lead Vocals/Guitar - Mike Dollens
Bass/Vocals - Wade Altman 
Drums/Vocals - Sean Ocker 
Lead Guitar/Vocals - Jeff Rackler

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Check out our radio interview with Outlaw Dave (begins at 8:38):

The Common Ground Radio Interview